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Black grout, dark stains: mold in the shower can not only endanger your health, but is also a real challenge when cleaning. If you want to get rid of the fungal spores permanently, you should treat the infestation as soon as possible and get rid of it on schedule. And then have more time to enjoy Bet Chan. Fortunately, there are home remedies that can help at the first sign of an infestation.Table of ContentsHow to remove mold in the shower professionally?Effective home remedies for mold in the showerImportant preventive measuresHow to remove mold in the shower professionally?Shower stall moldy what to do silicone grout clean.

For now: the mold spores are dangerous, because if inhaled, they can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Especially children and people over 60 years old belong to the risk groups, which are very sensitive to mold.But what types of mold are there? There are many types of mold. Black mold is considered particularly dangerous. It most often spreads on the tiles, around the drain, and in case of heavy infestation – in the joints.Blame for the red mold are the fungi Fusarium and Aspergillus. It is also considered dangerous. Especially people with a weakened immune system can inhale the fungal spores and get sick from it.So the right approach to removing mold from the shower is crucial. There are several simple rules to keep in mind:Never wipe the mold dry, as this releases the spores into the air.Wear a face mask and rubber gloves when cleaning. Dispose of all cleaning rags and kitchen sponges after cleaning.Properly classify mold infestation. An infestation is considered low if a maximum of 60 square centimeters are covered with mold. If the mold has actually penetrated the silicone joints in the shower as well, then the infestation is considered moderate.Ventilate the bathroom during and after cleaning. Effective home remedies for mold in the shower remove from the joints.


After you notice the mold and classify the infestation as low or moderate, then you should find the appropriate home remedy. Depending on where the mold is located, you can use different home remedies.Remove mold in the joints with hydrogen peroxideFor the joints in the shower stall, you can use hydrogen peroxide (3% solution). Put the hydrogen peroxide on cotton swabs and work it into the joints. As with all home remedies, the rule of thumb is to test on an invisible area first. Some materials can become discolored. Then let the hydrogen peroxide work in for about 2-3 minutes and then wipe the joints with a damp rag.Special case silicone joints: Silicone joints in the shower present a special cleaning challenge. If mold has spread there, then removing the fungal spores is particularly complicated. A brush would scratch the sensitive surface and the scratches are entry points for the spores. Thus, the mold can penetrate deep into the joints. Then only one thing helps – you need to renew them. If you want to save yourself the trouble, you can first make the joints with a solution of white table vinegar (apple or white wine vinegar) and water. Mix the two ingredients in a 1 to 1 ratio and pour it into a spray bottle. Then spray the silicone grout and leave the home remedy on for a few minutes. Then take a steam cleaner and run it along the joints. The combination of vinegar and steam will kill the fungi and dissolve the black stains.

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